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Have you ever seen the commotion in a publisher’s office? Everybody is talking to everybody, ideas are exchanged, refined and implemented. Imagine that going on internationally, especially when it’s a project as unique as ours. When it comes to communication, we’re glad we can rely on telgo’s services. In addition to our telgo pbx that seamlessly interconnects us, we also have virtual local numbers for our international outposts. They never let us down.
Alexandra Nina Burgesmeir
This technology brings immense dynamics to the market, and provides great opportunities. Mature solutions like the telgo sip trunk for lync help our partners to stay at the forefront of the market.
Bernd Zimmermann
Worldwide Voice Sales Team, EMEA @ Microsoft
We’re Central and Eastern Europe’s leading online advertising provider, and we’re still growing. We hit the ground running with the the telgo virtual pbx. It has grown with us since day one, upgrades and additions were quick and easy.
Mag Florian Magistris
Like every other business, our growth depends on building new leads and constantly improving our sales and service performace. telgo helped with a brilliant solution to facilitate reachability for our sales and service organisation throughout Europe.
Thanks telgo!
Thomas Sauer
VP Central Eastern Europe, Turkey & CIS @ GBG
In web design and development, attention to detail is crucial. Every line, every shadow and pretty much each and every element needs to be exactly where it’s supposed to be. Or where the client likes it. This, of course, generates endless conversations.
As an outsourcing partner for clients situated in cities throughout the world, our communication was significantly improved in terms of quality and affordability after we chose telgo’s virtual local numbers.
Paul E. Pop
founder @straightAD