1. Pick the number in the city/country you want
Pick your virtual location from our list of available cities and countries. We offer you the possibility of setting up a local number in more than 50 countries and countless cities, and our coverage is growing!
2. Forward it to your landline or mobile phone
After choosing the location of your virtual phone number, fill in your landline or mobile phone number where you want your calls to be forwarded.
3. Start receiving calls from anywhere
Instant activation. Signing up takes just a few clicks and the service is activated immediately. Your virtual number will be up and running and you'll be receiving calls in just minutes.
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Customisable features, FREE stuff and a friendly but powerful dashboard are just a few of the advantages.

Customised Greetings

Welcome! Your call will be answered shortly.

Say "Hi" any way you want. Is a holiday approaching and you want to wish your callers all the best, do you have a new offer or maybe you just want to let your callers know how long will it take until their call is answered? No problem - personalise your greeting message!

Advanced Call Forwarding

On the move?

Your phone number can follow your daily schedule. By using this feature, you can personalize your call forwarding for customised times of the day or days of the week. Forward your calls to your mobile device, office landline or home phone.

Voicemail to Email

Leave your number and I’ll call you back.

We offer you FREE voicemail. If your line is busy or you cannot answer, your callers can record a message that will be sent straight to your email inbox - so you can have access to your messages from any device connected to the Internet.

Advanced IVR/PBX

For telgo, press 1.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows you to create interactive menus for your clients. By using their phone keypad, they can easily reach the person they want. Also, with our PBX feature, you can even connect your callers with any international number.

Simultaneous Ringing

The winner takes it all.

You can forward your phone calls to two or more devices that will ring simultaneously. The call will be automatically connected to the first number that picks up.

Select Country Forwarding

Sprichst Du Deutsch?

With us you will always route your calls to the right extension. For example, you can choose to forward German-speaking countries to your Austrian colleague or customers with a French area code to your Paris virtual office.

Sequential Forwarding

The next best thing.

With telgo.SmartNumbers, you can set up automatic sequential forwarding. With this, if you are busy and don’t answer your call, it will be automatically routed to the next colleague in line. This continues in the order you set until someone answers.

Fax to Email (Forward-Fax)

21st century faxing.

Forget about out dated machines, thermal paper or annoying noises. Not only is it easier for you, it’s environmentally friendly too. And you can forward them like any other email.

Account Management

State of the art dashboard.

We offer you all these cool features, so it’s only logical that we offer you a great way of managing them. Our dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to use.

Black / White Lists

No, I do not want to hear about your offer!

Tired of answering unwanted telemarketing calls? Create your black and white lists and you will never be bothered or miss an important call again. You can choose to block a single number, an entire area code or even a country code.