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International telgo.SmartNumbers for Smart Businesses
We offer international call routing services for clients who want their voice to be heard across the world.
Buy a local number abroad, forward it to your regular cell phone or landline, and your callers pay only the price of a local call.

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By using our international call forwarding services, your business is free to grow. You can add as many local numbers as you like, at any time, and you can have up to 200 simultaneous calls per number.
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Our virtual numbers services cover 50+ countries. You can set up your virtual office in any of these countries or in as many as you like. Join our network and get closer to your business partners abroad.
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The telgo.SmartNumbers setup takes just 2 minutes and our state of the art dashboard will help you manage your account smoothly and easily.
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FREE Voicemail!
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"Can you please repeat that?", "Sorry, I didn't get that. Come again?" sound familiar? With telgo you’ll never have to worry about quality again. Our call routing services are premium voice quality – you’ll enjoy crystal clear conversations. Always!
Not convinced yet? See what our clients have to say:

Have you ever seen the commotion in a publisher’s office? Everybody is talking to everybody, ideas are exchanged, refined and implemented. Imagine that going on internationally, especially when it’s a project as unique as ours. When it comes to communication, we’re glad we can rely on telgo’s services. In addition to our telgo pbx that seamlessly interconnects us, we also have virtual local numbers for our international outposts. They never let us down.
Alexandra Nina Burgesmeir